10 Worst MCU Films (So Far)

They can't all be Infinity War...

Eternals Marvel
Marvel Studios

The MCU now consists of 26 feature films and amazingly, the franchise has maintained a consistent standard over the years.

Some of its films are among the best superhero movies ever made and most MCU joints are good works at the very least. Considering that the MCU is a huge cinematic cash cow that releases several films every year, this consistency is definitely something to applaud Marvel Studios for.

Nonetheless, there are inevitably some far less successful films in the series and not all of the MCU offerings are that good; these following ten films, even though most of them aren't actually bad per se, are the weakest in the series to date.

There are various reasons why. Some suffered from flat direction, others suffered from unsatisfactory lead characters and several were fatally undermined by studio interference but they all have two things in common.

Firstly, they really lacked the refined screenplays that have generally been delivered in the MCU (regardless of its other flaws) and secondly, they're all frustrating, jarring low-points in a generally impressive franchise.

Put it this way: if you skip any of these in your next MCU re-watch, no-one could blame you...

10. Doctor Strange

Eternals Marvel
Marvel Studios

You know a franchise has done a good job when a film like this actually gets on a 'Worst-of' list but the MCU does have a consistent track record and while Doctor Strange is far from a terrible film, it is still one of the weaker MCU joints to date.

The thing is, this movie does actually have amazing visuals, a strong cast and a hero (Benedict Cumberbatch) with some interesting mythology surrounding him so there was a lot of potential here but sadly, the film torpedoes itself with one huge mistake: Doctor Strange is a complete s**t.

He's a thoroughly unlikeable douchebag and the screenplay fails to humanize him enough to make him likeable. Therefore, the film is immediately fighting an uphill battle since viewers will struggle to get invested in the origin story of such a repulsive character but sadly, this movie has a few other huge problems that further make it hard to really get into the film.

Mads Mikkelsen's villain is one of the very worst MCU baddies, the film's romance is garbage and in general, it's a fairly typical and uninvolving origin story.

The trippy visuals and strong performances (except from Mads Mikkelsen, who's uncharacteristically terrible) can only distract viewers from these flaws for so long and ultimately, Doctor Strange is just a bit of an irritating and hollow experience.


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