10 Worst Movie CGI Of 2019

Kill it with fire.

Captain Marvel Brie Larson
Marvel Studios

It goes without saying that CGI is a part of almost every movie made nowadays: from $200 million tentpoles to smaller indie films, visual effects play a virtually ubiquitous role in Hollywood for a wide array of reasons.

And 2019 has certainly served up its fair share of visually stunning movies which made smart, artistic use of CGI.

Alita: Battle Angel was an undeniable technical triumph, while Avengers: Endgame delivered superhero escapism on an unprecedented scale, and Detective Pikachu lovingly brought the world of Pokemon into our own.

But these films are, in their excellence, very much outliers compared to the majority of movies, which have to constantly juggle the necessity of pristine VFX against budgetary and time constraints.

With the high-pressure, high-cost nature of including extensive CGI in any movie, it's little surprise that so many films have to settle for sub-par results, which are inevitably mocked widely online by disgruntled and amused film fans.

And so, we have these 10 films, which served up easily the most repulsive and distractingly awful CGI from all the major movies released in 2019. It didn't necessarily sink each film entirely, but it sure as hell inspired laughter and/or disgust...


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