10 Worst Movie CGI Of 2019

10. The Giant Fight - Hellboy

Hellboy Giants

The Hellboy remake was absolutely one of 2019's worst blockbusters, and one of the most common complaints was the disappointing emphasis on unconvincing CGI effects over the practical makeup that defined Guillermo del Toro's two prior Hellboy films.

And while there would've been no way to practically stage Hellboy's (David Harbour) battle against two giants, the end result is so visually repulsive that it probably should've been scrapped entirely.

Basically, any time either the camera or Hellboy is asked to move, the scene devolves into a hideous digital blur, with weird CGI motion tracking shots that better resemble a video game than an actual, tangible set-piece.

It's never persuasive that we're watching Hellboy fighting two giants in a physical location: it's just painfully obvious that we're actually watching David Harbour act opposite nothing.

Clearly the scene was a casualty of the film's mere $50 million budget, a dangerously low price tag for a project this reliant on elaborate VFX.


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