10 Worst Movie CGI Of 2020

The most embarrassingly awful visual effects of the year.

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We're long past the point of lamenting the presence of CGI in cinema nowadays - it's an element included in practically every movie in some form, no matter how low the budget, and no matter how much (or how little) attention it draws to itself.

And while exemplary visual effects work can often convincingly transport us to other worlds and sell incredible illusions - even if the film itself isn't that great - not all CGI is created equal as 2020 continued to prove.

Despite studios pouring up to $200 million into supposedly "cutting edge" productions, many of the year's biggest films featured at least one scene where the CGI just wasn't up to snuff - if not many, many more.

While Sonic the Hedgehog was smart enough to take the hit on a delay in order to fix its protagonist's much-loathed design, these 10 movies hit screens big or small with VFX-heavy scenes that either their budgets or their directors - or both - just couldn't satisfyingly execute.

On the bright side, though, at least nothing in 2020 looked as eye-gougingly awful as Cats...

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