10 Worst Movies From Otherwise Great Franchises

And yes, Fast and Furious is a great franchise.

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When it comes to film franchises, they rarely sustain a high level of quality throughout their films and usually only one or two of the franchise's instalments are actually worth seeing. Nevertheless, there are also numerous franchises out there which make for hugely pleasant surprises since they buck this trend and have more good entries than bad ones.

That being said, although franchises which consist entirely of good movies do exist, such as Back to the Future or Toy Story, there is usually at least one instalment which lets the side down.

Given how hard it no doubt is to put together even one successful film, this isn't at all surprising but it's still a shame that these following ten duds cast a shadow over their otherwise terrific film franchises, especially since some of them are the most recent instalments. As such, not all of these franchises have been able to bounce back yet...

10. Spider-Man 3 - Sam Raimi's Spider-Man Trilogy

Indiana Jones 4
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Other Films: Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2.

The first two films of Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy are great superhero films, especially the brilliant Spider-Man 2, and they're ageing remarkably well too. Superhero films have been pretty much the dominant genre of the 2010s, but the overwhelming majority of those movies have still never managed to top Spider-Man or Spider-Man 2. It's a bit of a shame about that third film though.

Hopelessly overstuffed with under-developed characters and plot threads and overall an absolute mess, Spider-Man 3 is deservedly a poster-child for films ruined by too much studio interference. It does offer some of the trilogy's most epic action sequences, but the script is a wreck and most of the performances, even from Tobey Maguire, are terrible.

It's also the film which contains the Emo Peter Parker scene and whatever positives the film may have, that ghastly moment overshadows all of them.


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