10 Worst Movies Of 2023 (So Far)

Cinema at its most painful in 2023 - so far.

Winnie The Pooh
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2023 has mostly been a pretty great year for movies so far - whether you've craved smart, gorgeously crafted blockbusters or unforgettable indie cinema, Hollywood has had you covered.

But sadly not everything can be great or even good, and sometimes there's just no getting around the fact that a movie, well, sucks.

As film lovers we all want to like every movie we watch, or at least respect that those involved came to the project with good intentions and a genuine desire to deliver an entertaining end product.

Yet in the case of these 10 films, they're incredibly tough to defend in any tangible way.

Of the several-hundred films already released this year, these 10 represent the most ill-conceived, poorly executed, and downright insulting movies of the past six months.

From botched star vehicles to promising dramas that fell hugely short of expectations, remakes nobody asked for, awful directorial debuts, and one of the most soulless streaming films ever produced, these 10 movies are truly the worst of the worst.

We can only hope that the next six months won't add too much dreck to the pile. But for now, here's what's been stinking up 2023 so far...

10. Mafia Mamma

Winnie The Pooh
Bleecker Street

Toni Collette is watchable in just about anything, though the bounds of that maxim were certainly put to the test with her new crime comedy Mafia Mamma.

It sure sounds fun to have Collette play a suburban American woman who inherits the role of Mafia don from her estranged grandfather, yet Catherine Hardwicke's film is ultimately a flaming trainwreck of ideas and tones.

For one, it can't quite decide what kind of movie it wants to be - is it a goofy, broad fish-outta-water comedy about a woman taking over an Italian crime family, or a nastier, more violent rendition of that concept?

The sillier elements clash harshly with its surprising splashes of brutality, ensuring this is a wildly uneven, throw-everything-at-the-wall farce that's more bewildering and irritating than entertaining.

Collette is at least clearly having a ball here, which keeps the movie firmly in the #10 spot on this list, but given the concept's giddy potential, it's a mostly wasted opportunity that came and went without making a dent.


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