10 Worst Movies Of 2023 (So Far)

9. Marlowe

Winnie The Pooh
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Marlowe may not be the very worst film of the year so far, but it's unquestionably the most boring bad film of 2023 to date.

As appealing as the idea of having Liam Neeson play an aged version of Raymond Chandler's legendary detective Philip Marlowe might be on paper, this charmless, agonisingly dull effort is ultimately the enemy of both good taste and your best attempts to stay awake.

Despite being fronted by celebrated director Neil Jordan (The Crying Game) and writer William Monaghan (The Departed) - both of them Oscar winners, no less - Marlowe is a weirdly generic, low-energy gumshoe romp from first frame to last.

Beyond the predictable, forgettable noir story, though, Neeson also disappoints - in attempting to approximate the steely stoicism of the character popularised by Humphrey Bogart, he gives a performance you could easily mistake for phoned-in.

And let's be honest, watching Neeson easily overpower well-built men half his age is impossible to take seriously at this point.

With the right script and filmmaker this clearly could've been an inspired late-career vehicle for Neeson, but it's ultimately a film where basically nothing works as intended.


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