10 Worst Performances In Awesome 2017 Movies

The weak links in otherwise brilliant 2017 films.


A movie is a some of its parts and even in the most brilliantly crafted of films, sometimes all those parts don’t function quite as well as they probably ought to. Some not-so-great elements can be easily overlooked or forgiven: one badly-lit scene, for example, probably won’t irk most moviegoers too much.

But you can't ignore some of the missteps. A lacklustre performance from a cast member can stick out like a sore thumb and perhaps even more so when the rest of the film surpasses our expectations. It's like your typical bad apple poisoning the basket sort of deal.

In some respects, the subpar performances can’t just be blamed entirely on the actor in question - performance isn't just about delivery, after all. Sometimes, they’re working with bad dialogue and poorly or underwritten characters. Nevertheless, it’s not like actors in Hollywood productions aren’t getting paid a pretty penny for their troubles so it’s not unreasonable to expect them to, you know, act.

So, to the actors that gave us off-puttingly OTT performance or bland and boring characters in 2017: please try harder next time.


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