10 Worst Performances In Comic Book Movies

Nicolas Cage as Ghost Rider was always a bit of an odd choice...

Ghost Rider Nicolas Cage
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The world of superhero movies is much different than it was a few decades ago. Ever since Christopher Reeve wowed us in the first iteration of Superman, there's always been a lot more care put into these movies than just depicting a man in a tight suit who likes hitting things a lot. However, for every down to earth performance you get, there's always a few actors who haven't done their homework.

Whether it's the stinkers of yesteryear or some of today's dumpster fires, these actors didn't have the first clue as to what the superheroes they were depicting were supposed to do. Does that mean that these actors are terrible at their jobs? No... not really. In fact, most of these actors are highly respected for their work in other films, but for whatever reason things couldn't line up to create magic with these characters.

These lackluster performances might not even be the actor's fault, with countless scenes being cut or being given really bad direction from the folks behind the camera. Regardless of whatever excuse is at play, it doesn't make any of these performances any less insufferable to watch.

It's the opportunity of a lifetime to be in a superhero movie, but these actors weren't equipped for the job just yet.

10. Eric Bana - Hulk (Hulk)

The Incredible Hulk is already one of the most exciting superheroes in comic book history. From day one, the idea of a man turning into a rage filled monster whenever he gets agitated has made for some of the most fun-filled adventures in the history of Marvel comics. So... how do you take what is in essence one of Marvel's most loveable monsters and make him this boring?

For the most part, Ang Lee's first adaptation of the Angry Green Giant onscreen was a colossal miscalculation, but the first real problem starts with casting Eric Bana in the lead role. While it makes sense to have a more mild mannered guy play the Dr. Jekyll side to the Hulk's Hyde, the story just dwells on Bruce Banner too long for anyone to actually care.

While it was interesting to see a peek into Banner's backstory and why he has repressed emotions, the almost whispered delivery that Bana uses is both confusing and exhausting at the same time. It gets so tedious listening to him talk about his emotions that when he finally gets angry, it seems so out of place given the lack of emotion he's actually shown.

There's a way to bring some genuine heart into a Hulk movie, but this performance definitely needed a bit more Lou Ferrigno energy.


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