10 Worst Performances In MCU History (So Far)

Not every MCU performance knocks it out of the park...

Dreykov MCU
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Bringing a frankly absurd amount of hours of marvellous entertainment (pun entirely intended) into our lives via the cinematic stage or streaming medium since the back-end of the 2000s, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has, as you'd expect, has featured a host of game-changing displays from some of the finest thespians working today.

However, for every Robert Downey Jr. career-rejuvenation and Chadwick Boseman immortalising of a king of Wakanda there has sadly been another instance of a undoubtedly talented or just fiercely mis-cast actor stinking up whatever MCU movie or TV show they just so happened to call home.

Now it'd be unfair to solely place the blame on each of the following performers listed for what would ultimately turn out to be a super-failure for all to see. Everything from terrible writing, lack of direction, or just not being given their time to shine can all be pointed to as reasons for these particular turns turning into tragic turds.

From well respected big screen giants being smothered by prosthetics and an awful script, to the dodgiest accents you're ever likely to stumble upon in Sokovia, these actors have all definitely produced compelling portrayals in their careers... just not as part of the MCU...

10. Rhys Ifans - Lizard

Dreykov MCU
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As rumours ultimately became reality and the MCU's finale to their "Home" trilogy of Spider-Man flicks saw just about every notable member of the Web-Head's rogues' gallery come knocking in No Way Home, it was a rather refreshing development to witness pretty much all of these morally questionable characters get a decent enough chunk of screen-time to add to their already established legacies.

Well, everyone except Rhys Ifans' Lizard, that is. While the likes of Willem Dafoe and Alfred Molina chewed up many a scene and left fans clamouring for more tales involving the once-deceased Raimi-bads, Ifans' work as Dr. Curt Connors was about as forgettable a turn as they come.

Again, it was always destined to be difficult to give each of these Spidey foes the care and attention they deserved in such a stacked sitting. But it felt as though Ifans had simply been roped in to reel off some sinister sounding sound bites before likely popping up for a few hours on set one day to look a little defeated in his human form before he was carted back off to the Amazing Universe.

All in all, Ifans' bland talking dinosaur got a little lost in this super shuffle.


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