10 Worst Performances In MCU History (So Far)

9. Corey Stoll - Yellowjacket

Dreykov MCU
Marvel Studios

One of the most frequent and deserving criticisms sent Marvel Studios' way in the early stages of their venture into big screen comic book universe building was that the vast majority of their cinematic big bads were all lacking any real depth or even just memorability.

Added to that embarrassingly long list of faceless climactic obstacles - a list I'll be returning to before long - during Scott Lang's MCU debut solo outing was none other than Corey Stoll's Darren Cross... a.k.a. Yellowjacket.

After some truly captivating turns in everything from House of Cards to Midnight in Paris, fans of Stoll's previous array of varied and often enthralling character work were bracing themselves for a serious villainous shake-up in Ant-Man. But sadly, Stoll again fell victim to the usual moustache-twiddling tropes and a story that saw Cross try to mimic Hank Pym's famous particles before attempting, and obviously failing in creating his version of the shrinking suit, to sell this tool onto the likes of HYDRA and the Ten Rings.

Stoll likely wasn't helped by the fact his character pretty much followed in the same footsteps as Obadiah Stane before him. Yet, even with that in mind, his performance lacked the same calibre of dread and authority as that of Jeff Bridges' Iron Man turn and was swiftly shrugged off by all who watched this Ant-flick not long after leaving the cinema.


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