10 Worst Performances In Sci-Fi Movie History

9. Ice Cube As James 'Desolation' Williams - Ghosts Of Mars

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Ice Cube might not be Lawrence Olivier, but he usually brings an undeniable charm to his roles that has seen him reach considerable Hollywood success.

2001's Ghosts of Mars, however, seemed to be a notable exception.

Mr. Cube had already displayed his acting talent in movies such as Boyz n the Hood, Friday, and Three Kings, but his role in John Carpenter's 2001 sci-fi horror was decidedly sub-par.

Whether we're talking about his cheesy, over-the-top delivery of almost every line, or the weird flourishes of his hands during action sequences, there's a lot that justifies his inclusion on this list.

It wasn't all Ice Cube's fault, though. His character was conceptualised to wear a Shaft-like black turtleneck and duster, which only made Cube seem even further out of his depth.

While it's easy to understand Ice Cube's willingness to branch out into genres other than the crime, comedy and action movies he usually found himself in, the simple fact is that Ice Cube does not fit in at all in this sci-fi movie.


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