10 Worst Performances In Sci-Fi Movie History

8. Mick Jagger As Vacendak - Freejack

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What's that? You haven't seen Freejack? Well, you're not alone.

A 1992 sci-fi action flick starring Emilio Estevez, Freejack has been almost entirely forgotten, and for good reason. It's awful.

Freejack's plot is nonsensical, and despite acclaimed actor Anthony Hopkins appearing, it's filled to the brim with bad acting.

The worst offender is none other than the legendary Mick Jagger, proving that he should, beyond any shadow of a doubt, stick to making music.

His performance is awful in all the ways you'd expect, but that does nothing to cushion the countless blows that his awful acting delivers. Not only does Jagger lack the necessary gravitas to play a good villain, but he lacks the ability to make anyone believe that he's anyone other than the Rolling Stones' lead singer. Not only does Jagger seem painfully aware that he's a sci-fi B-movie villain, but the delivery of every line only highlights what a ridiculous casting choice he was.

Jagger's flimsy performance didn't even serve well as a gimmick, evidenced by the fact that Freejack has faded from our collective memory, and for good reason: it's truly, pitifully awful.


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