10 Worst Plot Twists In Recent Movies

Spiral delivered the Saw series' most predictable twist ever.

Awake Gina Rodriguez

A plot twist truly can make or break a movie - get it right and it can make repeat viewings extraordinarily rewarding, but get it wrong and it can derail the entire thing.

Generally speaking it's better if a plot twist is in service of the story or characters, rather than the script basically being reverse-engineered around an oh-so-smart reveal the writer came up with first.

And so it's not remotely surprising that so many movie twists end up being either embarrassingly predictable - media-savvy as we all are these days - or just poorly executed.

But before you ask about it - no, Malignant's mind-melting plot twist won't be on here, because it's by far the best and most interesting part of an otherwise bad movie.

These 10 plot twists, however, all drag their respective films down through their laziness, their lack of imagination, and their limp, unconvincing execution.

With stronger writing and direction perhaps they could've worked, but as it stands these rug-pulls don't hit with nearly as much impact as the filmmakers clearly intended.

If you were paying much attention, you probably saw a good number of these twists coming from a mile away...

10. Morgan Freeman Is A Secret Villain - The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard

Awake Gina Rodriguez

In fairness, The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard's initial revelation that Michael Bryce's (Ryan Reynolds) stepfather is played by none other than Morgan Freeman is pretty hilarious, after which the film proceeds to take this gag and stretch it past snapping point.

Bryce Sr. (Freeman), a legendary bodyguard in his own right, reappears later on to reveal to his stepson that he's actually working with the villainous Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Papadopoulos (Antonio Banderas).

At the end of the film when Bryce confronts Aristotle, he has to also face off against Senior, who continues to do his job and protect Aristotle, leading to a fight between father and son.

Though Senior easily bests Bryce, in the end Bryce is able to overpower his dad by stabbing him in the neck with a pocket knife.

Having Morgan Freeman turn out to be Ryan Reynolds' (non-biological) dad made for a fun cameo, but distending the joke to make him a secondary villain was one step too far. This was the definition of a sidekick character outstaying their welcome in the service of a lousy plot twist.

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