10 Worst Reveals In Movie Prequels

It wasn't just Padme who lost the will to live at these reveals...

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When done correctly, a prequel movie can be the perfect accompaniment to an established property.

You can look at something like X-Men: First Class as being the prime example of kicking new life into a franchise that was sagging - in that case, coming off the back of the disappointing X-Men Origins: Wolverine and X-Men: The Last Stand - by expanding a world and diving deeper on characters in a way that felt familiar but fresh.

Of course, it's not always plain sailing with a prequel, and any studio or filmmaker needs to be careful in how they approach such a picture. To the extent that, as seen over the years, a poorly thought-out prequel that doesn't hit how it's supposed to can plunge a franchise further down the toilet.

Across the multitude of prequel offerings out there, one element that is so often present and accounted for in these films is a big reveal or two. And more often than not, these big reveals can end up playing a big part in how an audience responds to the movie.

Let's face it, nobody likes a disappointing or insulting prequel reveal... yet somehow, here are ten prequel pictures that went and gave moviegoers exactly that.

10. Midi-What-Now? - Star Wars: The Phantom Menace

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One of the first head-scratching moments of George Lucas' The Phantom Menace for many fans, was the reveal that the dreamy otherworldly magic and mystique of The Force was instead a cold, hard matter of science.

In the original Holy Trilogy of movies, the very concept of The Force was introduced - with that being a power and ability that was, as shown in the case of Leia, often one that a person didn't even know they had.

By the time of 1999's The Phantom menace, however, it was revealed that The Force could be detected by testing somebody's midi-chlorian count. Simply put, the higher the midi-chlorian count, the more powerful a person would be.

With it being possible to run this test on anyone and everybody, that means that the mystery of The Force and users of The Force was stripped back in place of instead revealing how a simple science-based biological test could give a distinctive yay or nay as to what abilities someone may have within them, and how powerful those abilities could become if harnassed in the right or wrong way.

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