10 Worst Reveals In Movie Prequels

It wasn't just Padme who lost the will to live at these reveals...

Warner Bros.

When done correctly, a prequel movie can be the perfect accompaniment to an established property.

You can look at something like X-Men: First Class as being the prime example of kicking new life into a franchise that was sagging - in that case, coming off the back of the disappointing X-Men Origins: Wolverine and X-Men: The Last Stand - by expanding a world and diving deeper on characters in a way that felt familiar but fresh.

Of course, it's not always plain sailing with a prequel, and any studio or filmmaker needs to be careful in how they approach such a picture. To the extent that, as seen over the years, a poorly thought-out prequel that doesn't hit how it's supposed to can plunge a franchise further down the toilet.

Across the multitude of prequel offerings out there, one element that is so often present and accounted for in these films is a big reveal or two. And more often than not, these big reveals can end up playing a big part in how an audience responds to the movie.

Let's face it, nobody likes a disappointing or insulting prequel reveal... yet somehow, here are ten prequel pictures that went and gave moviegoers exactly that.

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