10 Worst Reveals In Movie Prequels

9. Leatherface's Origin - Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning

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Within the realms of horror, so often less is more when it comes to the backstories of the genre's most notorious of figures.

While knowing that Michael Myers killed his sister when he was six years of age is a perfectly fine glimpse into the Shape's past, Rob Zombie found out that detailing the troubles and torment of the young Michael and his ensuing time locked up in a sanitarium was one step too far for audiences.

In terms of baffling prequel reveals that went ever further than that, the opening moments of 2006's The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning - a prequel to the 2003 Chainsaw remake - was a major disappointment to long-time franchise fans. Those opening moments, of course, gave us the origins of Leatherface.

After his mother died in childbirth, young Leatherface - or Thomas Hewitt, as he was known then - is dumped in the trash of the slaughterhouse where this premature birth took place. Skipping ahead 30 years later, we see how Thomas is now working at the one and same place, for the one and the same manager.

The reveal of how Leatherface came to be was all a bit 'meh' in and of itself, but the biggest let down for audiences was that this film told a story that simply didn't need to be told.

Sure, The Beginning was a prequel movie, but you still didn't need to go as far as pulling the curtain back on the basic fundamentals of the mask-wearing mystique previously associated with Leatherface. Thankfully, the film didn't try to spotlight too much more of little Tommy embarking on his life story - with those moments instead showcased in 2017's awful Leatherface.

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