10 Worst Sci-Fi Horror Movies Of All Time

These science fiction films tried to be scary. They tried to be sci-fi. They failed at both.

Alone In The Dark
Lions Gate

Science-fiction has been described as the literature of ideas. For this genre, the sky is not the limit. A sci-fi story can take place on Earth, on the outskirts of the universe, in a parallel realm, at the end of time, or beyond death. The main characters can encounter aliens, robots, demons, or some otherworldly creature.

Stories like Frankenstein proved that science-fiction was an excellent medium for inciting terror in the reader. And when sci-fi horror made the transition to cinema, it created some of the most innovative films of all time, including The Fly, Predator, and The Thing.

Now, even a talented director can screw up and make a bad movie. But that is ten times more likely with sci-fi. Many films in this genre require complex practical effects, seamless CGI, sprawling sets, detailed prosthetics, and creative designs for monsters or extra-terrestrials. An entire movie can be ruined by a single shoddy special effect or a lame monster design. Because of this, a lot of sci-fi isn't great.

But there are a select few that aren't just bad; they're infamously terrible. This lot tried so hard to be frightening and creative but instead, came across as cringe-worthy and unintentionally hilarious.

10. Critters Attack!

Critters is about a bunch of tiny, furry aliens that roll around and eat people. Based on that plot summary, it's clear the filmmakers just wanted to make a dumb but fun movie. The series is pure schlock, but each entry is funny and entertaining.

The same cannot be said about 2019's Critters Attack!, which is devoid of all the charm of its precursors. It's not scary and every gag falls flat. But the biggest problem is the Critters themselves. You see, the film fails to utilise a pivotal tool in horror; darkness. If you want to hide the fact that your movie monster is a prop or an animatronic, it needs to be cast in shadow.

Although the previous Critters films regularly obscured the devilish furballs in darkness, most scenes in this film take place in broad daylight. Because the Critters are often on full-display, they just look like puppets. They look so fake, you never buy for a second these creatures are aliens, which makes it all the more ridiculous watching humans acting terrified around them.

Considering this sequel came out 33 years after the original Critters, it's bewildering how its special effects and practical effects are unequivocally inferior.


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