10 Worst Superhero Movie Posters

The worst of the worst...


Posters are an artform unto themselves.

The old saying may be to not judge a book by its cover, but everyone still does. And that is precisely what a poster is; a cover for the film. It is the first impression a film makes on a viewer, which puts an inordinate amount of pressure on any poster. But when it comes to comic book movies, often projects that cost well into the hundreds of millions of dollars, the pressure is even greater.

A great poster will get more viewers interested in the film its advertising, but a bad poster will drive viewers away just as quickly. And it is far easier to make a bad poster than a good one.

Recently, DC released the poster for their upcoming Aquaman film and it was roundly trounced by fans online. It definitely did not go over as well as DC and WB higher-ups were hoping it would, leading into the film's trailer release this week at Comic-Con.

But how bad is Aquaman's poster, really? How does it stack up among the worst of the worst? These are the worst comic book movie posters ever made and some of them are so bad, it's hard to believe they were ever even released.


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