10 Worst Things Disney Heroes Have Done

Heroes can't be heroes all the time.


To think that a Disney character, who is meant to represent all that is pure and sacred for their particularly young audience, could ever do something reprehensible.

However, just like in any good film, a character needs flaws. Any character that is simply too perfect or too likeable is, simply put, boring.

Although Disney has a fairly child-orientated form of storytelling, they have become extremely clever with their plots and character development to allow people of all ages to become immersed in their films.

In this list, I will be exploring the times that our beloved Disney heroes dabbled with the dark side.

Whether it is out of jealousy, selfishness, naivety or as part of a great redemption arc, no one you will find here is perfect.

Characters need drama to advance the plot, and where better for that drama to come from than the central protagonists themselves?

After all, we expect the villain to do bad things, so when the good guys and gals do it it's far more interesting.

Prepare to look back on your childhood heroes without the rose-tinted glasses.


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