10 Worst Times Star Wars Appeared In Other Movies

The Force was not strong with these particular Star Wars cameos in other movies.

Shawn Michaels Avengers of Justice
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With Star Wars undoubtedly sitting as one of the most cherished and celebrated cinematic series ever to wander into our galaxy, it was only natural for other features outside of the franchise to send a few knowing winks and salutes to George Lucas' pride and joy in the years that followed.

More often than not, said tributes to the inter-galactic epic are entirely harmless or even hugely satisfying for all in attendance, with everything from unexpected lightsaber brandishing to hilarious Force-sensitive one-liners helping add some extra shine to the feature in question.

That being said, though, not every property to unleash an unforeseen slice of Star Wars during its runtime is able to fully pull off the feat of tipping the cap to the treasured space opera without leaving those watching on groaning in their seats.

As the following entries will showcase, there's actually a rather fine line between giving fans a fulfilling dose of midi-chlorians out of nowhere or eliciting a wave of unwanted cringes on the back of a fumbled use of the Force.

And unfortunately for this bunch of big-screen offerings, the latter most definitely applies. Simply put, the Force was not strong with these various Star Wars movie cameos and references.

Not. One. Bit.

10. The Rock's Yoda Name-Drop Mid Tune - Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

Shawn Michaels Avengers of Justice
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It's no secret that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is quite the fan of all things galaxy far, far away, with the former WWE star making it known years ago how much he'd love to be a part of a Star Wars story at some point down the road.

But the closest The Great One has actually come to lending his star power to the titanic Skywalker Saga and beyond, came in the form of his sickly sweet rendition of "What a Wonderful World" in the thick of the somewhat forgettable Journey to the Center of the Earth sequel.

With Johnson finding himself in the no doubt surreal scenario of settling down for a bout of musical therapy opposite Michael Caine and Josh Hutcherson's Alexander and Sean, respectively, his Hank proceeds to strum the ukulele; and the lyrics that follow are enough to incite another Galactic Civil War.

Things get off to a cheesy enough start, with Rocky sticking to the OG verse. But cheddar well and truly collides with the fan as the lyrics of "I see giant bees, And I could've told ya, Don't trust Alexander, He's older than Yoda" invade the sorry ears of those taking in the 2012 family action flick.

In the case of "Do. Or do not", Dwayne and all involved should've opted for the latter.


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