10 Worst Uwe Boll Movies Ever

10. Sanctimony

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZmEQk1ZqvyU The best way to explain Sanctimony is by calling it a bad American Psycho rip-off. It follows the same plot, has the same type of serial killer but somehow manages to be a terrible film. You can't really go wrong with a detective thriller, you have a bunch of murders and you throw in some detectives who are trying to catch the killer before he strikes again. Sure, it will be boring for those action-junkies out there, but even for people who enjoy detective thrillers Sanctimony is just downright boring. The acting is sub-par, the plot is extremely linear with no twists and the dialogue something is less interesting than two California teens talking about their boyfriends. Granted I only saw the film after I'd pegged Boll as a terrible director and writer, but even though the film was downright horrible it is actually rather good compared to his other.... mistakes.
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