10 Worst Ways Marvel Studios Wasted Great Actors

Oh, what could have been.

One of the appeals of being the hottest and most popular studio around is that actors generally line up to work with you. Such is the case with Marvel Studios, where it seems like everyone wants to get in on the action, with upcoming performers as diverse as Sylvester Stallone, Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Holland. But then sometimes having too much talent in your films can be a bad thing. Beyond its lead superheroes, Marvel has had some trouble in crafting supporting characters that feel three-dimensional. And through no fault of the actors, everyone from villains to love interests has occasionally felt like a waste of talent. The problem is only compounded when the talent is as good as the actors are that Marvel is using. There€™s nothing more frustrating than seeing an actor you know to be exceptional being given a part that€™s beneath their capabilities. We€™re talking about Oscar winners with nothing to do but act as plot devices for the real heroes. Obviously the problem doesn't overtake every character in the MCU, but when it happens, it€™s hard not to notice it. It€™s a shame this has happened so may times but Marvel is still a young studio and hopefully they€™re learning from their mistakes. This is a problem that can be solved down the line but that won€™t mean anything for all of these actors who already gave so much only for us to see so little.

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