10 Worst Ways Marvel Studios Wasted Great Actors

10. Terrence Howard Is Unceremoniously Replaced (Iron Man)

Let€™s be clear about something, Don Cheadle is a great Rhodey but it's arguable that Terence Howard barely even got a chance with the character. He has proved since that he is a very strong actor in his own right and to just push him out after one movie doesn€™t make a whole lot of sense. According to Howard, after the surprise success of Iron Man, despite being promised a raise, he was offered a smaller part and a pay cut to help accommodate Robert Downey Jr€™s inflating salary. His agent told Marvel €œno way€ in much less polite terms and within 24 hours, Howard was out. The whole ordeal just seems like an overreaction on both parts that could easily have been settled, which makes this all the more frustrating. Fans of the series Empire will be quick to point out how captivating Howard can be and to let him go for nothing is a waste. As War Machine, Howard could have shown a level of ability we've never seen before.

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