100 Greatest Movie Villains Of All Time

94. Killer Joe Cooper - Killer Joe

killerjoe600 Played By: Matthew McConaughey 2012 was the year Matthew McConaughey stopped leaning awkwardly on posters and shot back to form with a duo of top performances in Killer Joe and Magic Mike. McConaughey's eponymous hitman was the most repulsive movie character of 2012. From his first scene to his last, he is an unsettling presence, everybody in the film fears him and for good reasons. As to be expected with a William Friedkin film, it is a dark picture but nobody expected Killer Joe to be as reprehensible as it was. Joe develops a thing for Juno Temple's teenage Dotty and his hold over the infatuated young girl is torturous as he attempts to destroy the Smith family when he doesn't get his money. The movie comes to a climax when Joe engages in one of the most humiliating and infamous scenes in recent cinema history - as you probably know, it involves a sexual act and a piece of fried chicken. The scene shows Joe at his most evil and the direction is unflinching showing the true horrific nature of the titular killer.

93. Howard Payne - Speed

Payne Played By: Dennis Hopper As Howard Payne proves, there is nothing more dangerous than a disgruntled old man whose expertise are in explosives. His skill and intelligence, not to mention his lack of heart push Keanu Reaves' LAPD cop to the limit, physically and mentally as Payne grows more and more insane. Payne seems to take pleasure in seeing Keanu and the bus passengers try and figure out their predicament and he enjoys the role as the puppet master. If you need somebody to play unhinged psycho then you get Dennis Hopper who is suitably vile and evil here backed up by his overstated sense of entitlement and arrogance. Speed was one of the best thrillers of the 90's, in part to its crazy and inventive villain who was not the typical action antagonist.

92. Biff Tannen - Back To The Future Trilogy

Biff Played By: Thomas F Wilson Biff is more than just the average high school bully - his knack for beatdowns and sexual assault make him worse than any of the bullies that swaggered across your school yard. Biff doesn't appear to have a good bone in his body and if wants something he will take if without hesitation even if that involves breaking the law and not understanding the word "no". He terrorises good guy George McFly relentlessly and it's a good old fashioned fist-pumping moment when he gets what's coming to him.
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