100 Greatest Movie Villains Of All Time

97. Buffalo Bill - The Silence Of The Lambs

Buffalo Bill Played By: Ted Levine It's easy to forget about the serial killing, skin-harvesting maniac when Anthony Hopkins is electrifying everybody with his iconic portrayal of Hannibal, but Ted Levine's performance as the cross-dressing psycho deserves its own acclaim. His basement is a claustrophobic nightmare and the lair where he works on creating his masterpiece - a suit made out of human skin. Hannibal's evil comes with charisma and charm but the evil of Bill is pure and vile and his actions and murders are genuinely unsettling. If it wasn't for Hopkins' famous performance, Buffalo Bill would be the star of the show as his evil is so brutal and explicit.

96. Blofeld - You Only Live Twice

blofeld Played By: Donald Pleasance Max von Sydow does a good job as the iconic villain in the non-Eon production Never Say Never Again but Donald Pleasance's famous interpretation of the super villain will always be the greatest and most synonymous. One of the few Bond villains to appear in multiple films, the SPECTRE head remains a constant haunt for James Bond until his demise in For Your Eyes Only. The scarred face, megalomaniac personality, white cat and large swivel chair made Blofeld the template for evil geniuses and many of his qualities are synonymous with the evil villain cliche. Before Mike Myers ruined everything with his terribly unfunny Austin Powers movies, Blofeld felt like a genuine menace and for those of us who watched You Only Live Twice as kids, Blofeld was a frightening menace and the iconic James Bond villain.

95. The Predator - Predator

The-Predator-Effect-lrgimg Played By: Kevin Peter Hall It takes an almighty force to put fear into the ultra-macho group of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carl Weathers, Jesse Ventura and Richard Chaves but that's exactly what the Predator is. The Predator lives by a moral code of sorts as he only attacks those carry weapons which is what leads to the killing of the team apart from Schwarzenegger's Dutch who is the last man standing. The Predator is a brutal hunter and in that big, overbearing forest you won't find a more intimidating adversary. He may go out in disappointing fashion but up until then the Predator is an enthralling beast.
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