11 Actors Who (Hopefully) Killed Their Careers In 2014

The laziest actors working in Hollywood today need to come unglued...

2014 has been a year like any other: some films hit big, others flopped hard, and most fell somewhere in the middle, but what about the names and faces that made those movies happen in the first place? Of course, if a movie does well, the star at the forefront will take most of the credit (say, Jake Gyllenhaal in Nightcrawler or Rosamund Pike in Gone Girl), and if it doesn't, then that famous face will take the full brunt of the flak for the terrible movie (or movies) they've starred in. As some careers have flourished throughout the year, others haven't been quite so fortunate, with name actors slumming it in awful movies that, whether financially successful or not, were widely panned by critics and ultimately harmful to their reputations as performers. Whether they were talented in the first place or not, these 11 actors truly wore audience patience down to the nub in 2014, to the point that if they continue along this trajectory in 2015, they may find their careers suddenly falling off a cliff (or so we can hope). While it's a perverse game to cross your fingers and hope for anyone's career to fail, these 11 actors are so evidently doing significant damage to their own careers that a steep drop in popularity (and therefore money) might just be the wake-up call they sorely need. From Oscar winners to Razzie nominees, these 11 careers are sitting perilously on the edge of the abyss, close to tatters, and 2015 will very much be a crucial year for each of them. Will absolute failure follow, or a McConaissance-esque rise from the embers of mediocrity?

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