11 Actors Who Must Play Marvel Movie Heroes Before 2028

11. Johnny Depp - Doctor Strange

Johnny Depp has already flirted with Marvel movies, having been the original first choice to play Bruce Banner in the abandoned version of the Hulk movie that got as far as scripting and concept art back in the 1990s, but he is far more suited to the supernatural side of the MCU than the muscle-bound side. Though some of his more recent performances have been a little too pantomime for fans of the more understated, cooler fare that lead to him being crowned the Darling Prince Of Indie, Depp only needs a director who knows how to encourage restraint to pull himself back. As Marvel's resident sorceror, the actor could bring elements from his quirkier roles, as long as his charisma and other-worldliness were at the fore-front of his performance, without too much of the drunken Jack Sparrow swagger.

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