11 Best Scenes From 2017's Summer Blockbusters

He was his real daddy...

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol
Marvel Studios

The summer is when most movie studios naturally showcase their most visually stunning and awe-inspiring projects, be they epic, huge-scale superhero movies or smaller tentpoles that still leave a lasting impression.

This summer's blockbuster season may have been a mixed bag by most accounts, but it nevertheless served up a ton of unforgettable scenes, from outrageous action sequences to emotionally devastating farewells to beloved characters, and even one iconic set-piece in particular that's likely to be talked about for years, even decades from now.

Whether or not these movies topped your best-of-summer list or not, they hit home with some truly inspired brilliance in these individual scenes, tugging at the heart strings, making the pulse race and maybe even making you laugh too.

These scenes are why people love blockbuster movies so much, because at their best they land with audiences in a visceral way that leaves a lasting impression far more than most "realistic" movies. Needless to say, as Oscar season begins to ramp up, these mesmerising movie moments certainly won't get lost in the ether...


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