11 Bizarre Ways Movies Have Been Spoiled

John Williams is the last guy you'd expect to be throwing out Star Wars spoilers.

It must be bloody frustrating for studios trying to keep movie spoilers under wraps while journalists and fans pick apart every trailer, casting announcement and set photo looking for the slightest clue. Scripts have to be watermarked, sets have to be locked down and press releases have to be very carefully worded to maintain the element of surprise. Some directors €“ like Christopher Nolan and J.J. Abrams €“ have become famous for keeping such a tight grip on their stories that even the cast aren€™t sure how it all plays out, and even those measures can€™t guarantee key details won€™t escape. While it€™s near impossible to keep every secret hidden, the worst thing that can happen is when spoilers leak out in completely unexpected ways. Maybe an actor lets something slip out during an interview, or a piece of merchandise released months in advance will confirm key plot details. Studios have been extra careful to make sure this doesn€™t happen often, but even a small oversight can bring the whole thing crashing down. Collected here are some of the most bizarre ways a film has found itself spoiled; which probably resulted in some poor executive losing their job for not combing through the fine details.

11. The Poster Made It Very Clear Who The Lone Survivor Was Going To Be

The title alone should have tipped audiences off to the fact not everyone was going to survive, but the poster could have at least played up the tension a little. Lone Survivor tells the true story of a four man team of Navy SEAL€™s who are surrounded by Taliban fighters, and they have to fight their way out to survive. It€™s a visceral war movie where the audience can feel every gunshot and bullet wound, but there€™s little doubt that Mark Wahlberg is going to be the last man standing; he€™s the biggest star in the cast by a large margin, and the poster is a close-up of his face with the words €œMark Wahlberg: Lone Survivor" beside it. The only thing missing is an arrow pointing at him, and maybe some flashing lights.

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