11 EXHILARATING Scenes From Average Movies

These dull, boring, monotonous films have hidden gems that will get your blood pumping.

Spectre Day Of The Dead

Experiencing a great movie scene for the first time can be an electrifying experience. Think a jaw-dropping Shyamalan reveal, a gorgeous Wes Anderson vignette, or a fast-paced tracking shot by the great Martin Scorsese.

Exhilarating movie scenes are particularly uplifting when the movie you're watching is… well, pretty dull. Your eyes fight to stay open amidst the dreariness, as they flit between your watch and the green glow of the cinema's exit sign. But suddenly, the tiresome mess you're fighting through pulls an ace out of its sleeve, and you're unexpectedly glued to the screen.

Admittedly, these scenes are few and far between. A boring movie scene may appear spectacular until you realise the sheer mediocrity of the film would make anything look good.

Fortunately, the following scenes are truly a cut above the rest of the schlock you've forced yourself to watch. They surprise, startle, and shock audiences out of their stupor and into undivided attentiveness. It's a shame that the directors of these bore fests didn't make the rest of their films follow suit.

11. Season of the Witch - The Witch's Reveal

Spectre Day Of The Dead
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The beauty of a Nicolas Cage film is you never know what to expect. You could have a nail-biting thriller like Mandy, or a cult classic like Con-Air. Season of the Witch, however, is a Cage flick with half his irresistible manic flair.

Two crusader knight deserters are tasked with transporting a young girl, Anna, to a monastery. The church believes Anna is a witch and is causing the Black Death to sweep across the Holy Roman Empire. It's a promising premise, with the group of transporters questioning the church's motives and whether the caged Anna is completely innocent. What actually follows is an incredibly dull, dreary journey through the muddy forests of Austria.

Upon arriving at the monastery, the surviving members of the group find all the monks dead from the plague and attempt to perform a ritual for witches. The ritual reveals that Anna is indeed not a witch: she is possessed by an incredibly powerful and very angry demon.

Anna's transformation is bone-chilling, marking a gear-shift in the plot's pace as Cage and his crew must combat the demon to buy time for an exorcism. All that boring trudging through Austria's grey landscape paid off.


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