11 Insane Upcoming Movies You Won't Believe Are Real

Fred Durst directs John Travolta. Yup.

Moose Fred Durst
Wonderfilm Media

Hollywood is often (rightly) criticised for playing things safe and not doing enough to innovate or bring original stories to the big screen, but then the needle swings completely the other way and we end up with movies like this.

These 11 films represent the most ludicrously bonkers and unfathomable projects in some stage of development right now. From gnarly re-imaginings of classic films to wildly off-kilter biopics, staggeringly ambitious art-house films and everything in-between, these films are going to be must-see projects one way or another...

11. A Ryan Reynolds-Starring Stoner Remake Of Home Alone (Stoned Alone)

The Hitman S Bodyguard Ryan Reynolds
Lionsgate Films

At the end of July, it was announced that Ryan Reynolds will produce and most likely star in a stoner-themed remake of Home Alone, centred on a man who misses his vacation flight, gets stoned at home and realises thieves have broken in.

Augustine Frizzell (Never Goin' Back) has been tapped to direct, while Kevin Burrows and Matt Mider (The Package) will handle scripting duties. The project is still in early development, but it's easy to imagine Reynolds knocking a role like this out of the park.

As far as rip-offs of classic movies go, this one at least has an amusing hook, and if it makes the most of its presumed R rating, it could be a fun remix of an indelible movie premise.

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