11 Insane Upcoming Movies You Won't Believe Are Real

10. Jaws...But With A Moose (Moose Jaws)

Moose Jaws

The third entry in Kevin Smith's dubiously-anticipated True North trilogy - after Tusk and Yoga Hosers - is exactly what it sounds like: a glorified remake of Steven Spielberg's Jaws...but with a moose.

Smith has been workshopping the movie for about four years now, and this past summer he finally secured funding to get it made. Epic Meal Time's Harley Morenstein will star, while Quinn Smith and Lily-Rose Depp will reprise their roles from the two prior movies, and Jason Mewes and Smith will return to play Jay and Silent Bob once more.

Smith's recent sojourn into experimental cinema has been an incredibly mixed bag, to be kind, but with Smith promising we'll get to see Silent Bob get eaten by a moose, it's kinda tough not to be at least a little excited.

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