11 Major Cameos To Expect In Avengers: Age Of Ultron

"Loki will definitely not appear." Ok he might.

There are already some pretty compelling rumours emerging from the Age Of Ultron set: a call sheet has apparently leaked the ending (or at least part of it), mouthy cast members have confirmed their own - and others - participation, and the trailers have been analysed endlessly to try and put together a broad picture of what will happen. It's inevitable, and frankly it takes nothing away from the experience of watching this type of movie, whose currency will always be story-telling and spectacle rather than twists and plot intrigue primarily. Given the fact that the second Avengers film represents not only a culmination of several narrative strands but also a balls-out comic book movie event, it's widely expected to be laced with self-referential nods, cameos and the kind of Easter Eggs that turn its primary audience into slobbering maniacs (in the best possible way). Even now, months ahead of the release date, there is some indication of who those cameos will be (and some reasonable assumption - based on the upcoming slate - as to what sort of Easter Eggs to expect), and it would seem that the film is going to make a mockery of the conventional limits of ensemble movies. If they can manage to balance all of the narrative elements and make room for all of the following cameos (which they probably will), it's going to be some achievement. But then that's exactly what it needs to be.


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