11 Major VFX Errors You Won't Believe Were Missed

Every frame counts, so it pays to check them all!

20th Century Fox

VFX are an expected part of all film releases in this day and age of cinema, with almost every title featuring some from massive battle scenes to just a few touch-ups. You'd think by now that we'd have it all down by now.

Clearly, they haven't always as there are numerous examples of VFX done badly out there, which normally come down to budgetary issues or time constraints. See Superman's top lip for details. You can't really blame the effects team for that, though.

Every now and then though, a genuine mistake will slip through the cracks and in some of the biggest films out there. After a project has been worked on by hundreds and check by a fair few

In past years some shots could take up to a month to re-render out, so there were some excuses, but now, quick fixes are simply a press of the button away. Simply put, you always have to account for the human error factor or a project just needs to get out of the door to hit a deadline.

Some of these wouldn't be noticed for years, as until recently most of the public at large wouldn't have had the resources to go through movies frame by frame, but luckily for you, we do and we found some doozies...


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