11 Most Disappointing Post-Credits Scenes Ever

Reality is often disappointing.

Spider-Man Homecoming Captain America
Marvel Studios

Post-credits scene went from being a fun little tag at the end of the movie, to being one of the most important parts. They're now often a hint at what's to come, a redefinition of what came before, or maybe just a trailer for the next film. Sometimes they're all three.

Some of them - Iron Man's first encounter with Nick Fury, Howard the Duck, Ferris Bueller's Bathrobe Scene - are amazing, and others... well, they are just plain not...

It's all well and good giving up your free time and your pee time to sit through the credits trying to spot funny names when the reward is worth it. But sometimes, it's just a massive waste...

11. Captain America - Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spider-Man: Homecoming was the first film to be set in the aftermath of Civil War, which shattered the Avengers and changed the face of the MCU. As such, there was a lot of expectation for the film to deal with how the world has changed in the aftermath and also have a killer tease at the end.

Well, we got the first one, sort of. Hannibal Buress mentions while putting on a Captain America workout video, that Cap is now a war criminal. That's the main thing we get - aside from that, the MCU seems normal.

But then this was also one of the last big films before Infinity War. So the post-credit scene was going to be amazing, right?

Nah, it was just a Captain America PSA that ends with him asking how many more of these there are.


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