11 Movie Posters That Really Know How To Sell A Film

11. One Missed Call

one_missed_call Quite simply one of the most unnerving movie posters I have ever seen. It's an image that has to be re-looked at several times to take in every unsettling point. The alien-ness of the face. The vast black eyes staring at you and the weird facial holes - it's only on a second glance that you realise what you are looking at are two screaming, eyeless faces. Then you realise there are no eyes, so how can it be watching you? At the same time the nose and mouth and hand is realise if there were human eyes it wouldn't be so freaky. And then you think...its phoning me. Its watching me and its phoning me... And then there's that tagline. 'What will it sound like when you die?' Urrrrrrgh! Its all about your imagination. You can't hear anything, but already something is in your head. If you want to see a horror film, this is the way to do it.

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