11 Movie Scenes Only Shot For The Trailer

The shots created just to tease us...

Austin Powers
New Line Cinema

Film trailers are filled with mesmerising sequences that are tailor-made to take root in your memory bank. Explosions. Car chases. One-liners. Jump-scares. Money-shots. And if it's a reboot, you can bet your bottom dollar the teaser will have a few nostalgic easter eggs.

These tantalising images don't just give us a preview of things to come - they are designed to sell the movie. But just because these visuals appeared in the commercials doesn't mean they made it into the film. Sometimes, the most iconic moment in a teaser is nowhere to be seen in the final cut. Other times, the promotions feature no content whatsoever from the movie in question.

There are all sorts of reasons why this can happen. If a studio exec thinks a tv spot is underwhelming, they might demand a specific clip to be inserted, purely to serve as eye candy. Other times, a shot is added to mislead viewers and hide key plot points. Even if a scene has no baring on the plot whatsoever, it might be shoved into the trailer, simply because it looks really cool.

11. Comedian

Austin Powers

Comedian is a documentary that explores Jerry Seinfeld's illustrious career. Throughout the 82-minute runtime, the master at observation humour discusses how much his life has changed over the years, and how he still needs to devise new material to stay on top as a stand-up comic.

Even though the film was pretty decent, the way it was promoted received far more praise. Because Comedian is a straightforward documentary, the creators thought it'd be funny if the trailer mocked how difficult it was to make a trailer for it! In the 90-second clip, a voiceover actor called Jack is in a studio, recording the narration for the Comedian teaser.

Unable to cook up anything interesting, Jack keeps churning out trite phrases, like, "In a world where laughter was king," and "in a land before time." When the studio heads reject Jack's ideas, he double-downs, claiming the movie is set "on the edge of space" and revolves around "a robot renegade cop."

Now, nobody was expecting much from Comedian's promotions. (Seriously, why would you?) And yet, the filmmakers crafted one of the funniest trailers ever, despite not featuring any footage from the movie itself.


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