11 Movies That Would Make Great Theme Park Attractions

Tron-Legacy-movie-image-new-collider Some of the best theme park attractions in the world are (or have been) based on movies. Back to the Future, Terminator, Toy Story, Jurassic Park, Alien, Saw, Harry Potter, Transformers, Batman and many, many more have lent their names to rides, shows and experiences in theme parks as varied as the Disney parks, the Universal parks, Thorpe Park and the now long-closed American Adventure theme park in Derbyshire, England. As a huge lover of theme parks, I've been thinking about which other movies would make great attractions and how those attractions might operate and, as a result, I've compiled a list of eleven that I'd love to see. On that note, here are eleven movies that would make great theme park attractions...

11. Inception

Inception Leonard Di Caprio I think this would be a fantastic and very unique idea as more of an experience, rather than a ride. Guests could enter a government building (in which they would actually be queuing) with television screens supposedly broadcasting live feeds from other people's dreams, until finally reaching the first part of the attraction experience. At that point, they'd be taken in to a room by a park employee (or "cast member" playing some kind of government official) who would explain that they have a mission to carry out, whereby they have to enter the dream of a dangerous criminal to implant or extract some information. Of course, they'll be briefed about how dangerous it is and that they must get in and out very quickly. Then, they could enter the actual simulation aspect of the attraction, in which they actually do nothing more than sit back and enjoy the experience, while wearing 3D glasses, and are made to feel as though they are part of the mission in a fantastic dream world with incredible 3D special effects. There's really nothing like this (in terms of themeing, not in terms of technology) in the world at the moment and introducing it by using such a popular and intriguing film to do so would be amazing.

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