11 Movies That Would Make Great Theme Park Attractions

10. War Of The Worlds

War of the Worlds Theme park attractions have simulated terrifying attacks from the likes of King Kong, Jaws and even the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park, but what about giving guests the chance to experience a full-on alien invasion in the form of the War of the Worlds aliens? The queuing area could be a themed military no-go zone, with signs ushering the crowds supposedly to safety. Then, at the point of actually getting on the ride/attraction, it could be anything from a boat or a bus to a simulated helicopter or aeroplane, with a cast member dressed as military personnel telling you that they're taking you to an area that no aliens have been seen in yet, where other people are already waiting and safe. At that point, prior to embarkation, a tripod could appear out of the ground (whether or not it was a 3D projection or an actual large prop on a set would be open to debate) and from that point the guests/riders could be subjected to a prolonged attack (from which they ultimately, obviously, make a narrow escape). The likes of King Kong and Jaws were great, but they succumbed to time and technological advances and were removed as a result, but this could be done with modern technology and I'm sure it would be a massive hit with the crowds.

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