11 Movies Where NOBODY Survives To The End

Abandon hope all ye who enter here.

Even in the bleakest of movies there€™s usually somebody who makes it to the end. Sure, they€™ll probably be forever scarred by the events and they€™ll never lead a normal live, but they€™re alive. Just think of the survivors from each Texas Chain Saw Massacre; that€™s ten years of therapy bills at the very least. Audiences like a little bit of a silver lining in a narrative, the feeling that no matter how traumatic things get someone will have the courage to survive. Yet some movies have such a black heart that they€™ll even deny people that much. No happy ending, no survivors and, in the most extreme cases, total apocalypse. Usually this will happen in some low budget horror movie or dark comedy, though some big budget movies have dared to take this risk too. The examples on this list cross a whole range of genres; from high to low art. They may vary in quality yet they all have one thing in common: none of the characters will be bragging about their experiences on Facebook afterwards.

11. Final Destination 5

The survival ratio of the Final Destination series is low to begin with; even if characters make it out of one movie they usually meet their end in the next. Final Destination 5 took things to the extreme though, with every single character meeting a grizzly end by the time the credits rolled. It actually introduced a couple of fresh twists to the formula. One was with the introduction of the concept that if they kill someone else, then they'll inherit that person's remaining lifespan. And so three survivors end up killing some bad guys in self defence, which appears to set everything right. However, another twist then reveals the whole thing has been a prequel, where at the end the couple board a plane that will look familiar to fans: Flight 180. They€™re killed in the resulting mid-air explosion that sets up the original movie. The last survivor is drinking in a bar when he learns the man he killed was about to die of a brain aneurysm. And, before he has time to register panic, a piece of wreckage from the plane lands through the roof, killing him. A movie for those who like their sense of humour extra black.

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