11 Nutty Movie Sequels You Won't Believe Hollywood Considered Making

Seven Movie sequels have become such a thing of normality these days that we don't really tend to bat an eyelid when we hear that Hollywood is planning to put another one into production. It wasn't always like that, though: there was a point in time where The Godfather: Part II really did seem like something to behold - an anomaly even; a product to be genuinely perplexed by. In this modern era, we've become so accustomed to hearing that a popular movie is going to get a follow-up, though, that's it's considered to be pretty strange if they don't. Think on that. Sequels are such a part of the fabric of the cinema scene that we've come to embrace them and judge them by their own set of standards, even. I mean, how are you supposed to judge a movie that couldn't (and wouldn't) exist without something else having come before it? Individually? It doesn't really work. For "being good for a sequel?" The fact that sequels generate a lot of cash at the box office isn't exactly unknown, of course - it's the major justification for their having existed in the first place. We're all drawn to revisit our favourite characters and we can't help ourselves. But sometimes Hollywood takes it too far. Some movies can't justify sequels from a logical point of view. Really, then, we should be thankful that the 11 horribly shoe-horned ideas I've gathered here never made it past the early stages. Trust me when I say that each and every one is nuts.

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