11 Nutty Movie Sequels You Won't Believe Hollywood Considered Making

11. Back to the Future Part IV: Roswell

Back-to-the-FutureIt's A Sequel To...Back to the Future Part III (1990) "There€™s no Back To The Future IV and there shouldn€™t be a Back To The Future IV. I don€™t think there should ever be a fourth sequel to anything. Three is a dramatic number. It€™s a three-act structure. Four is even. Four is boring." Not my words, but those of director Robert Zemeckis, who later announced that all plans for a fourth Back to the Future movie were being put to bed. But that was after we'd heard Hollywood's take on the sequel. Yes, for a brief period (and it was very brief) Universal had writer Ed Solomon working on a couple of treatment ideas for what would have been a Back to the Future alien movie. Yes, in this version, Doc Brown would have accidently caused the infamous Roswell incident and would team up with a plucky female scientist (Michael J. Fox was not written into the story) to sort things out. It sounds incredibly far-removed from the series, so luckily it was eventually canned. Nutty Movie Sequel Rating: 9/10

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