11 Reasons Joss Whedon Can't Save Justice League Alone

7. Zack Snyder's "Reduced" Role Still Matters

Zack Snyder Jason Momoa Justice League
Zack Snyder/Twitter

There have been conflicting reports about the size and nature of Zack Snyder's role in the DCEU after leaving Justice League, but it's important to remember that no matter how big the re-shoots are, large portions of Snyder's original work are still going to be used, and Whedon will be following his style template.

Warner Bros. insists this is still a Zack Snyder movie, even removing the Snyder-Whedon dual credit from the recent Comic-Con trailer after fans noticed it.

Though it is possible that Snyder's sabbatical gives Warner Bros. a polite and convenient way to provide him with a quiet exit from the franchise, it would be ridiculous to assume that he wouldn't be responsible for at least some of this movie's success if, indeed, it fares well with critics and audiences.


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