11 Reasons Joss Whedon Can't Save Justice League Alone

6. The Superman Problem Is Tough To Fix

Batman V Superman Henry Cavill
Warner Bros.

One of the big issues and mysteries surrounding Justice League is the role of Superman, who of course died in Batman v Superman before anyone really had a chance to care about him, and so the idea of him triumphantly returning to save the day here is already a fairly mixed proposition to many fans.

Though Whedon will certainly nail the fist-pumping heroism of the Man of Steel's return, he's going to need all hands on deck cast-wise to really sell the moment and make it work.

Henry Cavill in particular will be instrumental in how successful the Big Moment is, and of course, how his heroic co-stars react to the return will also play a huge part. If the messy production results in a disjointed movie that fails to make a justified event out of Supes' resurrection, it'll be a majorly blown opportunity.


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