11 Sci-Fi Movies That Got Science Completely Wrong

Some of (science) fiction's most glaring mistakes.

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Science fiction is a tricky genre.

By its very nature, it's contradictory: mixing science with fiction is hard enough to do, and the resulting juxtaposition is likely what attracts so many of us to the otherworldly and fantastical stories of interplanetary travel, exotic aliens and the dangers of technological advancements.

While many of the biggest sci-fi blockbusters often employ scientists as consultants to lend a little credence to their scientific elements, that doesn't mean that the experts' advice is always followed.

The results are often small, throwaway inaccuracies that don't take much from the movie in general, but there are a number of occasions where science was asked to step outside so that the story might move itself forward.

The worst offenders are those movies whose entire plot revolves around a piece of particularly flimsy science. But there are also tropes that have become so commonplace in movies that audiences have come to believe them as fact. After all, why would the movies lie to us?

While many of these entries certainly made their respective movies vastly more interesting, that doesn't excuse the fact that we've been sold nonsense dressed as scientific fact.


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