11 Subtle Details That Make Movie Twists Obvious

10. Blaire’s Guilty Conscience - Unfriended

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Throughout the runtime of 2014’s surprisingly-not-terrible Unfriended, the MTV horror most notable for taking place entirely on a computer screen, we learn very little about protagonist Blaire. She’s presumably heartbroken by the loss of her former friend to suicide, she’s been cheating on one unlikeable teen movie love interest with another, more unlikeable one - it’s all fairly standard “barely bothering” backstory.

Which makes it all the more impressive that the film sneaks in a few choice instances hinting at Blaire’s beneath-the-surface guilt, the sources of which is never revealed until the film’s undeniably tense closing scenes.

Blaire was the one who uploaded the embarrassing party footage which lead to a cyber-bullying campaign so intense that her former friend Laura opted for suicide as a way out. Even before Laura’s vengeful ghost begins picking off her friends, Blaire begins typing the truth to her boyfriend, never sending and sometimes never even fully writing out the message before changing her mind.

By the time the killings begin, she’s quick to play innocent and lay blame at the feet of each of her friends in turn - exactly what a coward close to admitting their guilt would resort to.

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