11 Things You Learn Rewatching Moonraker

Bond...in spaaaaace.

Moonraker Roger Moore Jaws Holly Goodhead
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Our weekly Bond rewatch series now sees us revisit the 11th film in the franchise, 1979's Moonraker.

The third and final Bond film directed by Lewis Gilbert (You Only Live Twice, The Spy Who Loved Me), Moonraker remains divisive among Bond fans for its loopy sci-fi premise, which was quickly cobbled together in order to take advantage of Star Wars' huge success (pushing back the release of For Your Eyes Only).

Seen today, Moonraker is an unquestionably curious entry into the franchise, an almost impossibly silly film even for the standards of Moore's Bond movies, albeit one that also delivers its solid share of thrilling action, witty one-liners and entrancing visuals.

It's not always on an even tonal keel and there are some monumentally bad creative choices, but as easy as the film is to ridicule from its daft premise alone, it's actually one of the more consistent and interesting entries into Moore's tenure.

If you can't get onboard with laser battles in space and Roger Moore dressing up like Clint Eastwood, do you even like cinema?


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