11 Things You Learn Rewatching Moonraker

11. Shirley Bassey's Title Song Is Totally Forgettable

Moonraker Titles
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Moonraker saw Shirley Bassey contribute her third title song to the Bond canon (after Goldfinger and Diamonds Are Forever), and though it's hard not to love Bassey's smooth-as-silk voice, this is sadly a pretty forgettable tune all things considered.

The song was reportedly thrown together mere weeks before the movie's premiere, with the original planned lyrics being hastily re-written and Bassey being hired last-minute after Johnny Mathis bailed on the project.

Despite Bassey's fair effort, the song lacks much soul or anything approaching a memorable hook. It's just...there, and a rare workmanlike element in a movie that otherwise thrives on out-there absurdity.


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