11 Things You Learn Rewatching Octopussy

The one where Bond dresses up as a clown. Yikes.

Octopussy Clown Suit
Eon Productions

Octopussy is the thirteenth entry into the James Bond franchise and Roger Moore's penultimate outing as the iconic spy. Helmed by Bond mainstay John Glen, Octopussy was released in 1983, the very same year that non-canon Sean Connery Bond vehicle Never Say Never Again also hit screens.

Somewhat embarrassingly, the unofficial Bond movie turned out the better of the two, giving Connery a ripe opportunity to remake Thunderball and improve upon it, while Octopussy meanwhile remains one of the worst-reviewed and most divisive entries into the mainline franchise.

You either shamelessly love its commitment to absurdity or cringe at how "embarrassing" it all is, but either way, it's one of the most bats*** crazy Bond flicks and certainly incredibly memorable (for better or for worse).

Mid-way through the series as it is, it's often highlighted as the point at which "Bond fatigue" truly began to set in for many, though that didn't stop it grossing an impressive $187.5 million worldwide (on a $27.5 million budget)...


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