11 Things You Learn Rewatching The Spy Who Loved Me

The laziest Bond film ever.

The Spy Who Loved Me Jaws
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Our weekly Bond rewatch series continues with the tenth entry into the franchise, 1977's The Spy Who Loved Me. Roger Moore's third outing was plagued by production issues from the outset and ultimately delayed due to the infamous Thunderball lawsuit, which left audiences waiting three whole years for its release since The Man with the Golden Gun (pretty much a Bond standard these days).

Though generally held up as a solid mid-tier Bond film and Moore's best, watched through a modern lens, it's a pretty mixed affair all things considered. Though it does well by its female lead and impressive production quality, the script is rife with issues and, at its worst, just a bit of a bore.

Nevertheless, the film is remembered for its several iconic action beats and colourful characters, so as problematic as some aspects of the movie are today, it's impossible to write it off entirely.

How much you can tolerate the movie's overall familiarity and desire to do little new will largely dictate how much fun you'll have with this. It's no Moonraker, that's for sure...


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